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Does Internet Make Us Dumber? Essay

  • Submitted by: urnaa0225
  • on October 14, 2012
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Uranchimeg Batbayar
Professor Lynda Nichol
5 September 2

                                    Does the Internet Make You Dumber?

  In the article “ Does the Internet Make You Dumber?,” Nicholas Carr discusses the question of if   the internet make you dumber or smarter. Even though many people think that the Internet allows us to get a lot of information and makes life easier, it makes people fall into bad habits. The net regularly interrupts of our lives, and it makes people intersperse, shallow, and inattentive thinkers. Also, the Internet affects our brains. Our thoughts, memories and our characters always go with our concentrating abilities. So people who spend a lot of time on internet have low understanding, thinking, and they become less generative. The reason for these bad habits is because their attention divided in many ways. When we become addicted to the net, it hurts our brains which can’t become stronger in neural power of our thinking. Because of that, our cognitive abilities become weak.

  Along with that, the scientists did research on how the internet and new technologies affect our cognitive systems. They had a test between heavy multitaskers and not heavy multitaskers. The result of the test was that heavy multitaskers didn’t do well but not heavy multitaskers did well on the test. So the scientists confirmed that the web throws out our attention, and automtiac thinking becomes convenient to people but some of the scientists found that it can improve our visual literacy abilities. Also, this bad habits don’t disappear quickly. When we use the net, our brain’s cells change the way they work. Even though we stop using the web or the media technologies, our brains work the same way as if we are still using the technology.

  So the internet will keep affecting to our brains unless we stop using it a lot. Nowdays, people started to forget that the internet and new media technologies intersperse our notice but the...

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