Does Haig Deserve to Be Called a Butcher of the Somme

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Does Haig deserve to be called the butcher of The Somme ?? Field Marshal Haig was the commander-in-chief at the Somme. He is called the butcher because people hold him responsible for the deaths of the battle. According to some sources around a total of 18247 soldiers died on the first day. Some say he should be held responsible for underestimating the enemy. He once said that machine guns were over rated and only got two per battalion whereas the Germans got a lot more. He also underestimated the amount soldiers and weaponry used. This was probably because he was inexperienced in the new trench warfare and used to the old ways which is where he became known. Most of his tactics were outdated and predictable for the Germans. This meant that it was easy for the Germans to slaughter the English with their machine guns which Haig thought was over rated. Haig also based most of his plans on unreliable machinery that didn’t always work. Also by bombarding the Germans with shells before going over no man’s land this warned the Germans of an English attack. Some historians say that it is unfair to call Haig the “Butcher of the Somme”. The say this because Haig had untrained men which meant they were not used to fighting which made them vulnerable to the experienced German soldiers. It is also not his fault that the shells didn’t always explode and that they didn’t weaken the Germans as much it should’ve. Also the English walked over no mans instead of running which mad them easy targets. The generals in charge were commanding division for the first time. This made them inexperienced and they did not know what to do. They also had essential kits that they needed with them all the time this weakened there mobility. Haig was also not in charge of everything yet he is still held responsible for all the little mistakes. The battle also could be seen is some people’s eyes
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