Does God Exist? Essay

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“To believe in God is to yearn for the existence and furthermore it is to act as if he did exist.” Miguel de Unamuno. The question I’ve been asking myself for my whole life is does God exist? I’m taking about the God, creator of everything, and not just God in religion. This question can be answered with either yes or no and cannot have a right or wrong answer. This makes it subjective. This question is known to be the hardest metaphysical question. The existence of God has been discussed between philosophers for a long time. It has been given many terms including Atheist, Agnostic and Theism, and Deism. In religion people seem to create an image of God. This is because they feel that to have a meaningful life they need someone to rule over them. Nietzsche believed that whether or not God exists, people great a God-like figure so that they have someone or something to look up to. They need to believe they have a purpose in life and God gives them it. The human brain needs to find deeper meaning in things. Like how the world was created. People search for the first cause because they are scared of the unknown. They rely on religions to tell them how to guarantee that their afterlife will be happy and safe. Theists, like Christians for example, believe in God because they are scared that if heaven and hell are real, and they doubt God, they will be sent to hell. This is called Pascal’s Wager. This means, that people have a better chance to believe in God because if you believe in him and he exists, you win. But if you don’t believe in him and he exists you lose. Pascal said he didn’t want to take the chance and be sent to hell for not believing, so therefore he believed in God. There are people who are atheist. They believe God is bad and are absolutely positive that God does not exist. These people explain the creation of the world by science. One of these people

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