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Does God Exist? I believe the strongest testimonies out in our studied chapters today is St.Aquinas, and his theory that God does exist. Aquinas states that human reason cannot prove the impossibility of a forever created universe. Aquinas has written with the certainty that God has to exist in order to have created the universe. There is no doubt in Aquinas's and my own mind that everything was created for a reason and that reason was God's force. I too agree that there is a cause and effect that surrounds us. In our readings Aquinas tries to show the different steps that can prove God does exist and that the world had to have been created by God. His section is comprised of five different ways in which he tries to prove that we can be sure that God exists. In the third way, Aquinas tries to show that God exists if it is true that we exist I have to say this reasoning alone has given me the most fact on the existence of my father God. In the selected reading Aquinas says that it is possible for things to exist and for them not to exist. He means that living things will one day become non-living things or in smaller terms we will all die and no longer be alive. Aquinas believes that all things cannot be mortal because if it were true, then at some point nothing would exist. What he means is if all things were living things, meaning that they had to be mortal, and then at some time these things must also become non existing. If all mortal things have to stop existing then there can't be anything which exists today. Aquinas believes that it takes a living presence or God to help create other live things in order for them to live also. This means that there must have been something which existed through eternity to help create living things which exist today. Aquinas believes that something had to have created life throughout time in order for things to

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