Does God belong in the White House?

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Does God belong in the White House? Religion is a persons conviction or loyalty, concerning the being and theology of God or gods. There are quite a few diverse religions put into practice in the Unites States of which the preponderance are Christians, with a minority of Jews, Buddhists, Atheists and Muslims. The first amendments of the U.S constitution states, that the institution of religion by the government is restricted and also establishes religious free will for practices and rituals. The basis for that is essentially the matter of human rights, and the freedom of democracy that America was founded on. Americas people are the ones that have power over the fate of the country, and they are the ones that select by ballot the government and it has been observed for the previous two elections that the Republicans who hold up the wellbeing of the religious community and gratify the desires of the people who believe that practices such abortion should be abolished get elected into office. It has been said that these are the issues that are the basis for an election and re-election of the republican candidates. The primary and most vital political result that can be said to be connected to religion is the choice of the government that leads America. Does God belong in the White House? For many Americans the answer to this question is YES! America is a Christian nation. American politics were derived and subsequently a result of Christianity. When President Harry Truman composed a letter to Pope Pius XII in 1947 that "This is a Christian nation.” He wanted to acknowledge that this nations institutions and laws, was established on the Biblical philosophy found in Christianity. The original starting point of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings we get from the books of the bible like Exodus, Saint Matthew, Isaiah and Saint Paul. In Woodrow Wilsons drive
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