Does Food Coloring Effect the Way Food Taste?

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Question: Does Food Coloring Effect the way food taste? Investigation: In this investigation we tested the effect food coloring would have on cake mix. Materials we used were cake batter, red, blue, and green food coloring. We divided the cake batter into different bowls. We conducted to test on each color, and we also did plan cupcakes with no coloring so that we could compare the taste to those that had food coloring. For example, in one bowl we put red in the first bowl of red we put very little red food which made the batter pink. In the other bowl of red batter we put lots of red food coloring to compare adding a little vs. a lot of food coloring. We did this for each color. We also did the same with the icing. After we colored the batter we baked the batter in mini cupcake pans and waited for them to finish. After the cupcakes had cooled we iced them with the different icings and tasted them to compare the differences. Observation: In our observation we quickly found out that the more intense or darker the color the batter the more bitter the cupcakes tasted. We also noticed that when we put the food coloring in the icing that is made the icing very thin and runny compared to the regular cupcakes with regular icing. When comparing the regular cupcakes to those that had food coloring we also notice a change in texture. The food coloring seemed to make the cupcakes a little less moist. We found out that food coloring does affect the taste of food. The effects are less when small amounts are applied to the batter but the effects are greater when larger amounts were applied to the cake batter. Answer: Yes Food Coloring does effect the taste of food. It not only effects taste but

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