Does Fast Food Have To Equal Fat Food?

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Does fast food have to equal fat food? No. Fast food does not have to equal fat food as long as you know what is in the foods you are eating and how to make the best choices! Why is fast food so popular? Mainly because it is fast, inexpensive and tastes good. The downside is that most fast foods tend to be high in fat, calories, sodium, cholesterol and sugar. More eat fast food today Eating away from home is becoming more common, particularly at fast food restaurants. Many adults rely on fast food daily for lunch because it is fast, predictable and inexpensive. As the pace of the American lifestyle increases there is less time to prepare a home-cooked meal, which leads many families to stop at the drive-thru on their way home. This rise in fast food consumption may be one contributing factor to the rise in obesity among Americans, especially among children and adolescents. High fat fast food meals take a toll High fat diets, typical of fast food meals, contribute to a variety of negative and costly health outcomes, including obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease and some cancers. With the increase in consumption of high fat and calorie foods, there’s usually a decreased intake of foods rich in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean that all fast food is bad, and it would be unrealistic to recommend totally eliminating it altogether. If you choose to eat fast foods, try to limit it to once every few weeks. Most fast food establishments have nutrition guides available. Use this information, because if you know what you are ordering, you can occasionally fit fast food into a well-balanced diet. Did you know? * Most fast food meals contain 1,000 calories for just one meal. * A super-sized soda can provide half of your daily calorie intake. * A single fast food entree can often contain more than one third of a day’s recommended
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