Where does Evil Come From

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What imbeds evil into the human mind? Many people have many different opinions of evil and what brings it to us. Ideas range from the devil himself to evil simply being inherited. Within the text The Moral Of The Story by Nina Rosenstand, it is said that evil may be a force outside of human being such as some satanic power that infects human souls, also that evil may be a force within the human mind that does not see the need and interests of others, or that evil may be a blind spot in the mind where most of us have a sense of community, belonging, and empathy for others. No matter where evil comes from, it is a very strong and dark force that only causes destruction, depression, and fear. The thought of evil being a satanic power such as the devil seems true at first, but not very possible for all cases. When we think of “evil people”, we think of serial killers, criminals, and murders. If all evil people were religious then the idea of the devil coming into play would make sense. But obviously some, if not most evil people are not religious. So why and how would the devil cause them to do evil when they do not believe in anything? The theory of evil being brought on by the devil is the least convincing to me. There is also a theory of evil being a force within the human mind that does not see the interests and needs of others. This is the second most believable theory in my eyes. Evil could be a force in the mind, but again, where would that force come from? It cannot be the devil in all cases, so what else could put a “force” into your mind? It is possible that in some cases someone could have been brain washed and that created a force of evil. But most killers and criminals run solo which almost cancels that out too. The most believable theory I have come across was that evil is a blind spot in the human mind where the rest of us have a sense of community
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