How does Dickens create tension and suspense in The Signalman?

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‘The Signalman’ was written in the 19th century by Charles Dickens. The story was written for a magazine it was serialised so parts of it would be published each month. The story was written because of the arrival of steam trains. People were fascinated yet scared at the same time because people felt they were monsters that moved on their own. Many people were fascinated of new technology it was at the same time as the industrial revolution so people were being bombarded by new things that they had never seen before. This made people curious of how it worked because nothing had been invented like this before. Charles Dickens wrote ‘The Signalman’ to exploit people’s fears of the unknown and the supernatural. The reason people were scared was because there was no scientific explanation for anything supernatural like ghosts. When they cameras where invented people believed that they were invented to capture images of ghosts. Dickens used ghosts and steam trains in his story to cause fear in his readers also he might have written the story because he was scared of them as well and was trying to portray this in ‘The Signalman’ to his readers. In the story he used two different opinions about the supernatural he had a believer and a non-believer (sceptic). Dickens used the non-believer as the narrator of the story. Throughout the story he uses elaborate description to portray an image of fear to his readers. To bring more fear into the story he used a dark and gloomy setting which to many people would be a scary place where many supernatural things could happen. Throughout the nineteenth century was a period of spiritual confusion many people believed in ghosts because the supernatural couldn’t be explained. Even though scientists tried to come up with theories about the supernatural they couldn’t. To many people trains were also part of the supernatural because they

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