How does David Gutterson use the device of one or more subplots to reinforce the central ideas of the text?

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David Gutterson has effectively used subplots which include and reinforce the main themes of the text. The ‘B’ and ‘C’ story contributes to the main ideas that he tries to present in Snow Falling on Cedars such as prejudice, racism and justice. The secondary storyline may be irrelevant to plot, nonetheless withhold themes such as racism, and overall this reinforces the theme of racism in the story, and this helps the reader have a deeper understanding of the main ideas Gutterson wishes the reader to grasp in the text as a whole. The main secondary plot is the relationship between Ishmael and Hatsue and the events that take place alongside their relationship and after their relationship has ended. The story revolving around them does not relate directly to the plot and thus can be considered a subplot. The most important and crucial idea that occurs in both the plot and subplots is the theme of prejudice and racism. It is obvious that this racism takes place the text only between the Japanese and the Whites. The whites are bitter towards the Japanese immigrants, although some of them are born and raised as American and behold that nationality; it appears that this does not matter as their look is enough for the whites to bear a grudge. They are seen as no different to actual immigrants from Japan, and not at all American. Therefore, due to this reason there are many barriers that a present in terms of relationships and justice. Hatsue and Ishmael are victims of the injustice of racism. Gutterson builds the relationship between Hatsue and Ishmael throughout the text in the form of flashbacks. The reader gains a deeper understanding about the hardship they had to face as two people of different races in a time such as this. Throughout their relationship there is a constant reinforcement of the difficulties they face in the name of love. It is obvious form the

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