Does Cleaning a House Equal to Shoveling Snow While It’s Still Snowing?

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Does cleaning a house equal to shoveling snow while it’s still snowing? After 18 years of Daycare and raising 4 children of my own. I know my house is never going to be clean. No matter how many times I mop the floor or vacuum the living room, or dust, it still was not going to look clean. I had tried my best to draw up a chore list for my own children. That never worked because then we would always have the fight that the daycare kids had made the mess and why should we have to clean this up. Then during daycare hours when it was almost time to go home I started “The Cleanup Cleanup Everyone Cleanup” Song (If you are a daycare teacher, you are very familiar with this song.) This and everything I did to help the problem, if anything, made the problem worse. So I made this decision cleaning the house while any of my kids or daycare kids were at home was like shoveling while it's still snowing. The only answer was to make sure that no one was at home when I cleaned. Next obstacle was how to do that? When you run a daycare during the day and then your kids are at home at night it was going to be almost impossible. But the key words were “Almost Impossible”. I had to sit down and take the time to figure this out. I knew I could I was the one that had birthed four children, and I could single handed watch twelve kids while cooking lunch and having them wash their hands. I was on fire I knew I could do this. For several days I tried my best to come up with the idea everyone was looking for. Finally, it came to me like a bolt of lightning from outer space. I was financially able why not hire someone to do it. We hire someone to do everything else around the house. The lawn gets mowed by a Service. The house gets painted by a house painter. We have the pool cleaned by a pool company on a weekly basis. We have someone come in to fix all of our problems around the

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