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Browsing articles on the internet one would be surprised to be told, by several bloggers and film experts, that the British Film Industry does not, in fact, exist at all. Many argue that while talent, material and effort are provided by the British the funding is not, therefore the film does not fall under the category as being British. Back in the 1960s, there was such a thing as British Cinema. There was British Lion, the Rank Organisation and Thorn-EMI, which were all major studios, as well as a number of ‘mini-majors’. But these were destroyed in the early 70s when the British government removed the Eady Levy and imposed unhelpful tax regulations. For economic reasons as well as cultural, a British Film Industry is needed – not just a ‘’service industry’’ providing ideas and services to foreign studios. Economically, the film industry has numerous advantages – money being pumped into the economy, jobs for actors, directors and the like, tourism, and merchandising. Britain’s share of the international film market (in 2002) was only 5%, but it is considerably higher than the 15% of the rest of the world put together, and contributes to the increase in tax revenue, direct inward investment in Britain and employment in 2006. The core UK film industry makes a substantial direct contribution to UK GDP, employment, taxation and investment. GDP and employment have increased over the past decade through the expansion of the production sector, particularly from inward investment features, an increase in exhibition and an increase in employment. The core UK film industry is a substantial industry, directly employing 33,500 people in 2006 and supporting a total of 95,000 jobs, taking into account those working in its supply chain and its contribution to UK tourism, trade and merchandise sales. The film industry provides jobs for some of the

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