How does Barry Hines present the character of Billy Casper?

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How does Barry Hines present the character of Billy Casper? Billy’s life was hard in every aspect/area. He lived within a mining community where there was very little money around and any money brought into a household was accounted for and spent before it had even been earned. The writer proved this point when he showed how angry Jud was at Billy when he didn’t put the bet on and the horses and they won. “Ten quid. I could have had the week off work wi’ that”. When we take time off work we take it for granted that we will be paid or are entitled to paid leave, where as Jud has to work because no such leisure. The prospects for any young man of school leaving age who had little or no education within the estate Billy lived would be a future down the pit. The gulf between those who had and those that didn’t was vast. This was shown by the writer when Billy was delivering papers on his paper round, the very last house on his round was a Stone house set back from the road, which had a grey Bentley parked in the drive which Billy took great pleasure in walking slowly past drinking in every detail of the car with his eyes, the writer writes, “Billy never took his eyes off it as he walked up the drive, and when he reached the top, he veered across and looked in at the dashboard” This makes the reader feel Billy’s longing of and wanting to have nice things, to escape his life of having nothing. The writer opens the story showing just how poor Billy is with a scene in the bedroom, a room which Billy shared with his brother Jud, not only does he share the room with his brother but a bed. The description the writer uses to describe the bedroom paints the room as gloomy and quite depression. “There were no curtains up” “Inside the bedroom the darkness was of gritty texture” This makes the reader feel/picture the cold of the room on a dark winter’s morning

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