Dodge Nitro Case

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The conclusion that was made after analyzing the Dodge Nitro Case Study is that the entry level SUV market is female dominated; in 2006 a study proved that they are 55% of the market, which were targeted by the Jeep Liberty. The Dodge Ram targeted bluntly and aggressively men, leaving the Dodge Nitro to fill this gap between the two, which might have had a smaller market than initially perceived. The car wasn't differentiated enough from the Jeep Liberty, creating an internal competition between the two. The Dodge Nitro ended up in a limbo between the other two vehicles. Three alternative strategies that Chrysler could have put into play: develop a segmentation strategy that goes beyond only gender, through extensive marketing research and testing, identify and develop new differentiating features that meet consumers' demand, and differentiate the vehicle from the Jeep Liberty in more ways than just appearance. The pro that could possible emerge from developing a segmentation strategy that goes beyond only gender is that it would allow for more accurate market segmentation. The con could be that it risks the reduction of market share. The pro that could come through extensive marketing research and testing is the increase in market share. If Chrysler is willing to go forth with this strategy they must be willing to invest a significant amount into marketing research, it is very costly. The good thing that could be produced from differentiating the vehicle from the Jeep Liberty in more ways that just appearance is that it reduces the risk of creating internal competition for market share. A negative result that could come into sight later on it makes it harder/costly to share a platform. The course of action Chrysler must take, if interested in going through with any of the previously mentioned strategies, is first start with the Idea Generation which is to

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