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Robert Thovsen Assignment 6 August 11, 2012 Responding To Domestic Violence Incidents * What is the difference between "pro-arrest" and "mandatory arrest" domestic violence policies? What is the policy in the state you live in? Research on Internet the development and implementation of the rest policy using your state. When the policies change, and if so, and why? 1) Pro-Arrest: Laws give authority for arrest without a warrant as the preferred, but not required, action in cases involving domestic partners. An officer who fails to make an arrest may be required to file a written incident report justifying why no arrest was made. 2) Mandatory Arrest: Requires a police officer to arrest a person without a warrant, based on probable cause determination that offense occurred and that the accused person committed the offense. Our state has had mandatory arrest since 1994 to 2000. There is a lot of debate on mandatory, because it states that somebody has to be arrested. It violates the fourth amendment because the officer needs probable cause. I don't know if it's been changed or not, I couldn’t find information. But being that is states homicide was up 57% because of partners, being arrested. And abuse was extremely high because of partners, not wanting to phone the police because of mandatory arrest. I would think that it went to pro-arrest, I'm pretty sure that it did because of the lawsuits that would for incur. * Created domestic violence scenario. Described three types of evidence you would look for. How would you collect, preserve, and document the evidence he found supporting a domestic violence arrest in your scenario? Janice was shot, the perpetrator the police thought was a guy named James, was the killer. Evidence that I would look for: Tire prints, cigarette butts, fingerprints, hair, all bodily fluids, including semen, shoe

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