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GENERAL PROPOSAL INTRODUCTION We all need it to do our work, but paper accumulates quickly, and no one knows it better than those in the public service sector does. Keeping up with all the papers is more than a full time job… As the amount of paper grows, businesses are paying the price. Paper files are often hard to find, easy to loose and costly to reproduce and distribute. Studies show that professionals looses up to 500 hours a year looking for documents. Information industry estimates shows that a typical worker will take 12 minutes to process a single document. 9 of these 12 minutes are spent searching for, retrieving and re-filing the document. Only 3 minutes are spent using the information. Doing more with less is common in today's business world, but organizations that have to contend with interdepartmental processes face unique challenges. In most organizations, departments such as Human Resources and Accounts Payable, for example, devote considerable resources to organizing and processing paperwork while responding to customer and company demands for follow-up paperwork. Despite growing volumes of paper, these departments must ensure that the work is auditable and compliant with regulations. The work is then stored in growing filing racks and in most cases cannot be efficiently retrieved. The cost of this filing infrastructure is growing tremendously as organizations continue to grow, let alone the sky rocketing cost of space. The lack of not being able to share these documents between different users and departments makes it more annoying and results to personnel photocopying most of the documents just to keep copy. This again does no good to the growing filing area. Being a paper-based environment, most business processes involve movement of physical documents between users, departments and even different office locations. The result of this is

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