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Task 4 online Thomas Mbete (140115) 1. List of appropriate option/s for treating the top three risks you have identified • Communication Breakdown • Bad Environment • Being late 2. Action plan for implementing those risk • Communication breakdown Find out what the problem really is. Three people could complain about communication and, without your realizing it, each could mean something different. Perhaps one means he doesn’t understand the procedures manual; another wants to hear more from management about how the system works; yet another never receives feedback from his supervisor on his performance and there could be many more. You can’t take effective action until you know where the gap is. • Bad Environment Working with an employee who has bad attitude can be unpleasant. Often bad attitude can poison the workplace environment and hurt productivity. An employee with a bad attitude can spread his negativity to others, which may impair their work. Ignoring or complaining about the employee will only make the situation worse. Each situation is different, but experts suggest a number of ways to improve the situation. • Being late As a small business owner, you rely on your employees to help you run your company efficiently. If one or two employees arrive late to work on a consistent basis, your other employees will take notice -- and they won't be happy with you or their tardy coworkers. If your tardy employee is employed in an area that is service-critical, this also affects customer and client relationships and service. While coming in late once in a while may be unavoidable, chronic tardiness must be dealt with professionally and firmly. 3. Communication plan for the information contained in the action plan • Communication breakdown actions  Your communication system could be well designed, but still leave a gap. That's because the

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