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ENG 3302 / Chiaviello / Due Sept. 4, 2009 (Friday) by email here: Willie Castaneda Quiz 1: Instructions Please type your answer in the space after each question, then save the document to your files and email it to the professor at . Also print it and bring it to class on Tuesday, Sept. 8 for in-class grading. See if you can complete this in the space provided; if not, please keep it to a total of no more than 2 pages. How would the title of a set of instructions point to its purpose? The title will clearly convey its subject or it will be further explained by its introduction. Where should an “overview” of the directions be put? The overview of the directions should be put in the introduction. In the Instructions document, should you identify the intended readers? Where? The intended reader should be identified in the introduction. How are the steps in a set of instructions clearly indicated to the reader? Steps are clearly indicated by being numbered, spaced between lines, and by being short and straight forward -anticipating the next step. What should you write to anticipate possible failure or an unexpected result? Troubleshooting will explained further details on how to correct mistakes. Where should graphics appear in the document? Graphics should appear with their corresponding step. In computer-based instructions, what kind of graphics can you use to show your reader the results of one step and how to go about the next step? How much information should be in each step of the instructions? There should be enough information to complete the step. It should be straight forward with the least amount of writing. Each step should anticipate the next one How do you distinguish the action you instruct your

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