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Jonathan Huang Philosophy 101 Philosophy Paper When a baby is born, would one consider he or she to already possess the knowledge of good and evil already? No one really knows, but as we can see from lots of proof from past history, cultures, and religions, people only possess a certain behavoir only after having being exposed to that enviroment after a long time. But questions comes down to: Is the process of humans becoming good and moral beings overall more valuable than having humans be good and moral beings from the outset? The answer is yes, it is more important to have develope and become good/moral than always being good with morals. The evidence can be seen through how people take things for granted, how people sees change to overpower the constant. Also becoming a person with good morals ultimatly leads you to become a person with good morals. That is just how humans work, its the experiance that makes up who you are, we are not desgined a certain way. You ever wondered why girls would always like the "bad boy" type of boys over the good, well mannered nice guys whos always there for you? Well, the reason behind this may very well lead to my explanation later to why the process of becoming good and moral beings overpowers the concept of somone whos always good and well beinged to begin with. Lets take a look at the "bad boy" type of guys women would like. The bad boy may not necessarily actually be bad, but it all actually just seems to be an illusion. Its not because of the way they talk, the way they think or how stronge and dangerous they are. Its how they set themselves up to fool people making them look more than they are. For example, the 'bad boy" type of guy would for example be in an argument with a girl, thus being the douchebag the guy is, ends up making a girl cry or simply just upsetting her. But in doing so, the guy can

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