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Why Doctors Loose Patients April 11, 2010 HCA Final Project Elizabeth Winter I have chosen to do the scenario about Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. I am going to point out where the health care profession completely let down this family with their issue at hand. I am also going to list ways that the problem could have been resolved in a better manner to so that the doctor would not have lost their patient. I will also list ways where situations like this issue could be avoided. In this scenario Dr. Chan and Dr. Idea translates billing codes for insurance claims. Sometimes the claims get denied due to doctor’s hand writing and not being able to read it by the billing department. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have been getting billed incorrectly thus making them pay for their whole bill making them irate because their medical insurance is supposed to pay for it. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, both are on Medicaid. They have called at the office and nothing was done about the issue because it keeps occurring and no one makes an effort for it to be stopped. So they decide that maybe if they would walk in to the office and pull the bull by the horns, that they would see better results if they talked to someone face to face. But that didn’t even work. They even have tried to talk to their nurse whose name was Rose. Rose who was the understanding and sympathetic nurse did talk to the medical doctors. But she did not get anywhere in trying to talk to the doctors and medical doctor about the problem that had been occurring either. But Rose does not get the proper response from a doctor that you should receive from doctors because the doctors and the medical director were not supportive as they should have been. Due to the inconsiderate wrong doings of the office, doctors and medical directors, the Johnsons transferred their medical records to another

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