Doctor Manette Dialectical Journal

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Traveling across a fever-struck land, The fool races to save a friend, While by popular bloodlust’s demand, The fool only races to his end. Reaching the City of Lights, The fool lives up to his name, And stripped of all his rights, Will soon join in death’s fame. His love and child following in his wake, They soon witness the anarchy they fight, And through France’s previous mistake, A way is found to set the fool right. Ever the professional, ever the man, Lorry sends Ladybird and company away, While the Doctor begins his plan, While the women find a place to stay. The revolution’s force and Vengeance Come to the family to make a call, And the Doctor has paid his penance, Royal heads begin to fall. As the fever begins to rise in pitch, And resolve steels,…show more content…
The crowd roars, bloodthirsty and strange, As the accused mount the stage, Through Manette’s existence comes a change, And Darnay is able to escape his cage. Still afraid, the Ladybird frets, With footsteps on the stairs, Darnay is gone, Doctor Manette’s new regrets, And Darnay will die with the new dawn. Elsewhere, siblings are reunited, Horrid pastimes are drudged up, to Jerry’s strife, And through violence uninvited, Carton revives his own life, Jerry choses to change, And Carton thinks of the Ladybird, So long as the son is given work in exchange, When Darnay is caged through Manette’s word. Traveling across a fever-struck land- metaphor. Used to create imagery and draw parallels. crowd roars- personification. The crowd is alive, but this phrase is used to make it seem like a single entity, instead of individual humans. As the fever begins to rise in pitch, And resolve steels, - Cacophony . Used to draw attention to things that would create strong

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