Doctor Faustus- a Morality Play Essay

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liturgical drama in the beginning had 3 forms , mystery,miracle and morality. the morality play is a real fusion of allegory and the relegious drama of the miracle plays( which presentsthe miracles of saints and the subjects depends upon bible). it flourished in the middle ages, was at its height in the first half of the 15th century , disappeared after the second half, bt reappeared in elizabethan drama. in this play the characters were personified abstractions of vice or virtues such as good deeds , faith,mercy,anger,truth,pride etc. the general theme of the moralities was theological and the main one was the struggle bw the good and the evil powers for capturing man's soul and good always won. the story of whole morality play centres around the single towering figure . the seven deadly sins were found engaged in physical and verbal battle with cardinal virtues. the antics of vices and devils etc offered a considerable opportunity for low comedy of buffonery. the morality play often ended with a solemn moral. in the light of these pts we may call marlowe's doctor faustus as aa belated morality play inspite of its tragic ending. it has been mentioned that in morality plays the characters were personified abstractions of vices or virtues. in doc faustus also we found the good and evil angels, the former stand for the path of virtue and the latter for sin and damnation ,one for conscience and the other for desires. then we have the old man appearing, telling faustus that he is there 'to guide' thy steps unto the way of life'.he symbolizes the forces of righteousness and morality. the 7 deadly sins are also there in a grand spectacle to cheer up the despairing soul of faustus. if the general theme of morality plays was theological dealing with the struggle of forces of good and evil for man's soul, then dr faustus maybe called arelegious or morality play to a very

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