Doctor Assisted Suiside Essay

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Shelley Thomas Dr. McLean Sociology 101 October 16,2012 In this day and age, science, the medical world and technology allow people to live well past their natural life expectancy with a terminal illness. Doctor assisted suicide should definitely be legalized in all parts of the world. People should always be able to make the choice to live or die when they are suffering from a terminal illness. When dealing with the effects of terminal illness, you often times have no more quality of life. Your dignity is slowly ripped away from you day by day. If doctors are allowed to keep patients alive longer with all of this new medical technology, patients should be allowed to make the choice to end their lives when suffering from a terminal illness. Whether the doctors are keeping you alive with medical procedures and medicine, or you are choosing to end your life of suffering with a terminal illness with the assistance of a doctor, either way it is human beings changing the course of natural events. According to philosophy professor Arthur Schafer, the director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba in Canada, when palliative care is no longer cutting it, and the patient is still suffering the extreme pain of a terminal illness, some medical facilities have decided to put their patients into a medically induced comma to live out the rest of his or her days. When this type of medical care is practiced, the patient has all treatments terminated and is left to die. This is a very undignified way to end one’s life. The patient’s family will have to watch their loved one have zero quality of life, while lying in a bed, incontinent, unable to eat or talk, just

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