Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

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Jill Harrison English B MacDonald Doctor Assisted Death Every year in the U.S. alone, over a million people are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This means that a million people a year are told that no matter what kind of treatment or surgery they go through, they will reach they're inevitable fate: death. Unfortunately, the terminally ill are more often than not put through severe suffering with no relief from pain medication. In a country based on freedom, doctor assisted death should be made legal so that the terminally ill can choose exactly when and how they die. Doctor assisted death is a subject that is widely misunderstood by the public. In the 2012 election, it was the topic of one of the questions on the Massachusetts ballot. The polls were close: 49% of people voted for it but 51% of people voted against it. It is estimated that apart from ethical and religious reasons, a majority of people voted against doctor assisted death because they do not know what it is. Doctor assisted death is the act of a terminally ill patient taking a lethal dose of medication that is administered by a physician. One misconception about this is that the patient is not coherent enough to make a proper decision. By definition, doctor assisted death is only for patients who are completely lucid and mentally stable. If this topic ever appears on a ballot again, more work should be done to educate the public about what doctor assisted death truly is so that the terminally ill can be given their rights. One important thing to know about doctor assisted death is that it is 100% the choice of the patient. Freedom of choice is the basis upon which America was born. First, colonists were seeking religious freedom. For centuries after that, people have been fighting for their rights. The right to doctor assisted death is no different from the right to abortion in that it is

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