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What trigger Teenage Depression? An argumentative paper on Depression Author: Date: Introduction: This paper evaluates the reasons of growing illness of depression among teenagers in the United States. The phase of adolescence is a delicate phase of life and any wrong step or negligence can leave scars on the whole live of the person even the whole generation. This paper looks at the causes of depression in teens to help in the treatment of the illness. If left untreated it impairs the ability of the proper functioning of the person and of the society. Depression is serious illness. A pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and is characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms ( According to the definition different environmental stress can be the cause of depression in teenagers. If it does so then what are those issues? This is the question I had as I began to write on this paper. I tried to evaluate the reasons and build up a conclusion through research. I need to focus on the mental disturbance of the young adults during their study. Parent did not recognize that their child has a mental illness and no need to further stigmatize such patients anymore. I wish and hope that this paper can help in educating the parents and the elder persons of the society on the need of understanding the triggering factors which can provoke this illness. This would help in its treatment. Defining Depression: Depression is defined as a mood disorder characterized by persistent feeling of sadness, lack of concentration, reduction in physical activity, feelings of hopelessness and rejection or attempt for

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