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Adolf Hitler was born in April, 20 1889 in Braunau, Austria. He was the 5th child but his three older brothers had died. Adolf and his family lived in a small farm outside of Linz, Austria. At age six he went to first grade in a public school in the small village of Fischlam. Hitler was usually left out, his father and mother paid more attention to his sister then they did him. When they were younger their father was strict to his older brother Edmund to the extent of beating him. When Hitler was seven Edmund ran away, leaving Hitler next in line to receive the beatings and strictness. After a couple of months Hitler and his family moved to Lambach, their in Lambach Hitler attended a Catholic Benedictine Monastery. At the Catholic Benedictine Monastery, Hitler did good in his studies and even joined the boys choir. His teacher’s say he had a very good voice. While at the Monastery, Hitler started thinking of being a priest, at home he would always play pretend preacher and they usually came with long sermons. Later on in life Hitler got caught smoking but was forgiven and not punished. Usually after school Hitler would almost force his fellow students to play Indians vs. Cowboys his favorite gave simply because he loved to play kill. At age 11 he moved to the village of Leonding. There he thought school was easy maybe to easy here he got very good grades usually A+. Here at his new school he found that he was good at drawing and especially sketching buildings. Hitler had the ability to look at a building and draw it later on in the day almost exactly the same usually missing only two to five details. Fellow classmates also thought that was cool. Then Hitler’s brother died of measles Hitler whom loved war so much no witnessed real death. Later on it was time to go to high school and Hitler wanted to go to a Artist high school, but was not aloud his father wanted

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