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I chose the career of being a doctor because I like to help people. Helping people is what I think I do best. There are many types of doctors out there, I chose two types: a Psychologist, or a Physician. In writing this paper, I will elaborate on these two topics of professions. Doctors examine people, listen to their patients describe their health problems, and do tests to diagnose the problem or illness. Psychologist study the human mind and try to explain why people act the way they do. They conduct research to test their ideas about the patient’s actions. Their research methods vary from doctor to doctor. Some may acquire data from lab tests, interviews, and surveys. Psychologists usually specialize, in different areas. They work with people of all ages from adolescents to adults. Psychologists help deal with problems of everyday life. Some may work in schools, while others may solve problems in places where people work. Some psychologists conduct their research at colleges and private research centers. They study behavior by observing human beings or animals, such as mice and monkeys. Psychologists have to go to school for a long time. Most need a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree- this takes 5-7 years of study after completing college. Psychologists who have their own practice need a license from the state of where they intend to work. A license requires certain education and work experience and having to pass a test. They must be good with people if they want to work with patients. Those who do research have to be able to work by themselves and as part of a team, because some psychologists may study with a group or team that involves working with other specialists, while others may work with clients alone. In May 2008, psychologists had an average yearly wages of $70,190, however, earnings vary greatly. The earnings of successful, self employed psychologists

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