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GAC027 Assessment Event 3: Secondary Research Project A Significant Revolution: Chinese Attitude of Premarital Sexuality Student’s Name: Edward Shen Student ID: KWHG22293 Teacher: Miss Kasey Due Date: 18 January 2013 Word Count: 1309 Abstract With the purpose of investigating the current attitude of Chinese people on the premarital sexuality, this research is launched. The prediction of Chinese people being more accepting on the pre-marital sexuality than used to be is confirmed by the information provided by book and some websites. In the recent years, China has experienced a significant revolution on its sexual paradigm. However, this revolution is obvious not beneficial for its culture, and it may produce many negative effect for China. Hence, I think government ought to take some measures to cope with this negative change, for instance, declining the marriageable age. 1.0 Introduction In China, pre-marital sexuality was regarded as an immoral behavior in the past. The parents whose children have pre-marital sexuality would probably get condemnation from society. Usually, people may blame the parents don’t educate their children well. Obviously, pre-marital sexuality was a taboo behavior in the past thousands of years in China. However, due to the coming of western culture, it seems the paradigm in pre-marital sexuality has changed a lot in recent years. In this research, I suspect the pre-marital sexual behavior is becoming more and more tolerable in current china. However, I think this change isn’t beneficial for Chinese culture and future. In order to ensure whether the Chinese attitude of premarital sex has changed or not, I browsed several websites and acquiring lots of available information from books about this topic. As a Chinese teenager, additionally, I also want to learn more about the Chinese

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