Doc Holliday Essay

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Cold-Blooded Killer? John Henry Holliday, better known as “Doc” Holliday, had the reputation during his life time, and even to the present time, of being one of the most notorious, ruthless and cold-blooded killers, of the America's Old West. Some have him killing as many as 30 men, not to mention the many he injured. Although I do not believe him to be a saint; I do believe he defended himself, and his friends. But mostly his ambiguous reputation was fueled by lies, often by Doc, himself. Some say he often fabricated stories of himself. He did it for his own protection, since he was slim and frail and no match physically for most other men. There are many accounts of who Doc Hollliday was. Nearly all are the opinions of others. His actions and character, are always contrary. Which leads me to believe that he was, as he was taught by his mother, a “fine gentleman”. Tragically, he allowed life to change his destiny. Doc Holliday was born on August 14, 1851 in Griffin Georgia. His father, Major Henry Burroughs Holliday was an Army officer, druggist and planter from Georgia. His mother, Alice Jane Holliday (McKey), was an aristacrat, from the great state of South Carolina. Doc was an only child, except for one adopted brother, that married when doc was only 2 years old. In 1856 Henry became gauardian to Jane's 4 younger sibling, after both Janes mother (1953) and father (1956) died. Doc grew up with strong family relationships. The Holliday and the McKey families were a close knit clan. They lived in close proximity of each other, and often frequented each others homes. So when Doc was out on his own, he probably looked for close, loyal, family-like friendship. He found that in Wyatt Earp, his best friend until death, and Big Nose Kate, the only woman to have captured Doc's guarded affection. Doc Met Kate in
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