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Service Conditions and Problems of Intercity Public Transport System 1.1 Demand for Intercity Transport 1.1.1 Current Demand for Intercity Transport 1) The demand for transport is over 1,000 million passenger-trips per year, a large number of people travel by road transport (private vehicle and bus) with a continuously increasing trend. Should there be no progress of public transportation system the Intercity transport in the next three decades would show excessively high level of road transport. This would lead to a problem of traffic density on highway network and reduced efficiency of road transport service, all of which would eventually deteriorate the nations’ economic damages. The development of a public transport system able to accommodate and respond to the increased transport demand of the future would substitute private vehicle transport substantially. This would be possible via strengthening of public transport as a positive in terms of nation-wide network; variety of service classes; low cost of operation and governmental regulation. Service Capacity of Network and Terminal or Connecting Node of Each Transport Mode 1.3.1 Status and Capacity of Highway Network At present, the highway network under the responsibility of the Department of Highway consists of a total distance of 66,495 kilometres of which 65,630 are maintained ways and 865 construction and preserved ways. Majority of the network offers good level of service. Nonetheless, roads rendering high riding comfortable are relatively low, with slower traffic flow and limitation on lane changes. This directs to an element that despite continuous progress of highway network, the trend for private vehicle has also continued to rise leading to service capacity problems of the highway network at the present time. Majority of bus terminals originated from being founded and by donated lands,

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