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MIRELA Unit 665 End Of Life and Dementia Care 1.1. Outline in what ways dementia can be a terminal illness 1.2. Compare the differences in the end of life experience of an individual with dementia to that of an individual without dementia 1.3. Explain why it is important that end of life care for an individual with dementia must be person-centred 1.4. Explain why individuals with dementia need to be supported to make advance care plans as early as possible 2.1. Explain why pain in individuals with dementia is often poorly recognised and undertreated 2.2. Describe ways to assess whether an individual with dementia is in pain or distress 2.3. Describe ways to support individuals with dementia to manage their pain and distress at end of life using 3.1. Explain why carers may experience guilt and stress at the end of life of an individual with dementia 3.2. Describe ways of supporting carers to understand how the end of life process may differ for individuals with dementia 3.3. Describe how others caring for individuals with dementia may experience loss and grief 3.4. Describe ways of supporting carers when difficult decisions need to be made for individuals with dementia at end of life 3.5. Give examples of how to support carers and others to support an individual with dementia in the final stages of their life Unit 656 Understand the impact of the ageing process on older people. 1.1. Describe changes that may come with ageing. 1.2. Explain how the experience of the ageing process is unique to each individual. 1.3. Analyse the potential impact of factors associated with ageing on older people to include 1.4. Describe how a positive approach to ageing can contribute to the health & wellbeing of an individual . 2.1. Describe the contributions to society made by older people. 2.2. Explain what is meant by age discrimination . 2.3.
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