Do You Know America Is Failing? Essay

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Do you know America is failing? In 2011 Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan admitted that the No Child Left Behind Act, is not doing what was intended to do. When the act was first signed into law America’s fail rate was at 37%, but as of 2011, America had an 82% failure rate (, 2011). Why are three-fourths of our schools failing? One word the government won’t offer more money for better teachers, so in order for schools to keep good teachers they have to pay them more, and get rid of programs such as art and music. Obama says he is trying to change the law to make America better but clearly this is not the case (Dillon, 2010). But there is a new bill. The Parent Empowerment Act is giving parents a voice, and letting them call the shots. If you can get 51% of your schools attendance in signatures then parents can make a difference, before it’s too late (Parent Revolution, 2010). Sources: (October 6, 2010). Parent Trigger: A new right for parents of California [Web Video]. Retrieved from: (2011, March 09). Duncan says 82 percent if America’s Schools could “Fail” Under the NCLB this year. Retrieved from: Dillon, S. (2010, January 31). Obama to seek sweeping change in ‘no child’ law. The New York Times. Retrieved from

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