Do You Agree with the View That in Domestic Policy, Wolsey Was Successful as the King's Chief Minister?

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Overall I disagree with this view because, even though some parts of domestic policy were successful for Henry VIII and Wolsey, most aspects of domestic policy failed. For example Wolsey used the Courts to get revenge on old enemies as well as giving justice to all people despite their status or wealth. Source 7 suggests that Wolsey was a useless chief minister and only survived because he knew how to please Henry. Source 8 agrees with source 7 but also says that he was successful in 'centralising English politics'. Source 9 was written by George Cavendish and gives a positive view of Wolsey's contribution to domestic policy. Wolsey was an active member in the Court of Chancery and the Court of Star Chamber. Wolsey presided over many cases in person, with the centre of his legal activities lying in the Star Chamber. Wolsey's success can be attributed to the fact that anyone was able to bring their case before him in the Star Chamber regardless of their wealth or social status. He genuinely wanted to see impartial justice delivered in his courts. He also promoted civil law over common law. Wolsey's achievements in law hinge on his pursuit of justice for all, and the endorsment of a progressive legal system. Source 9 supports this because it says 'nor justice better administered.' This shows that Wolsey was a successful chief minister in terms of justice because he saw it as his duty to bring everyone justice no matter how rich they were. But there were times when Wolsey used the courts to further his own position and carry out personal vendettas against enemies. For example Wolsey had been put in the stocks by Paulet in a bid to teach the young man a lesson about humility and good grace. Wolsey never forgot his humiliation and used his position as Lord Chancellor to have his revenge. Source 8 supports this because it says 'But Wolsey's vision and his originality in
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