Do You Agree with the View That the Main Effect of Increasing Media Coverage of the Royal Family from the 1970s Onwards Was to Damage the Image of the Monarchy?

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Do you agree with the view that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy? Media coverage was sincerely damaging to the monarchy from the 1970s onwards. The media made the royal family seem like a celebrity family rather than a royal family, as they focused on their private lives. The media undermined the monarchy through stories of their sexual deviancies and marital mishaps. Source 15 backs up this point; it’s message is that the media has shown the royal families true colours, albeit very bland colours. It tells us that the media revealed that the hype over the monarchy was somewhat exaggerated and they weren’t really worth peoples excitement. We can also see this in the TV show “It’s A Royal Knockout” which was a great embarrassment to the monarchy. Source 16 both agrees and disagrees with this point. It tells us that the nation was very distraught after the death of Princess Diana, who was intensely followed by the media. This shows that the people were still interested in the monarchical powers. However, it also tells us that the monarchy should learn a lesson from it, telling us otherwise. Source 17’s message is that the media has not undermined the monarchy and it is still respected by many. It even argues that the media has glorified and strengthened the media. Source 15 tells us that the royal family are not as exciting as we thought when it says “they came to be seen as unremarkable, even a little dull.” This proves that the media damaged the image of the monarchy. This is reinforced through an opinion survey at the end of the Golden Jubilee year, which showed that only 43% would regret the abolition of the monarchy. The show “It’s A Royal Knockout” provided a huge dent in the monarchy’s image also. Whilst they were attempting to show the public they could be fun
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