Do You Agree with the View That It Was Largely as a Result of the Work of Florence Nightingale That Medical Care for British Soldiers Improved During the Crimean War?

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Do you agree with the view that it was largely as a result of the work of Florence Nightingale that medical care for British soldiers improved during the Crimean War? Even to this day Florence Nightingale is still widely regarded as one the key figures in the history of medical care, but did her achievements in the Crimean War fully warrant this level of fame and high regard she is still held in. As it can be seen that advancements after the war are down to the work and dedication she displayed, but during the war it seems she was more ‘an influence for good comfort’ when compared to work by the sanitary commission. Source 4 is an extract from ‘The Times’ Newspaper published on 12th February 1855, and would have most likely been wrote by William Russell as he was the war correspondent from the newspaper. The source depicts Nightingale in a very traditional manner in a way that most people still think about her today, this traditional British heroin is very stereotypical of British culture at this time especially with names such as the ‘ministering angel’ being used to reflect the religious nature of the British Empire during this period. This propaganda to represent her as the ‘lady with the lamp’ was most likely employed by the media to raise morale back in Britain. This would give them a hero or heroine to look up to and bring back hope across Britain which had been lost over the previous years due to military mismanagement such as the Charge of the Light Brigade. This positive portrayal Florence was receiving would also have benefitted ‘The Times’ newspaper in particular more than others, as they had taken to championing her efforts in the Crimean. This was to such an extent that that paper even set up the Crimean fund to raise money for medical and cleaning supplies in Scutari. Therefore meaning it was a necessity that after all the money they had raised
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