Do You Agree with the View That the Boer War Advanced the Cause of Social Reform in Britain

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Do you agree with the view that the Boer war advanced the cause of social reform in Britain? The important factor of this argument is the impact that the Boer war has on social reform. Therefore there is the Boer war, social reform and how they link together. Within source 6, it shows that the “Recruitment for the Second Boer war drew attention to the problem of poverty” as even though the army was most likely desperate for volunteers “almost half the men who volunteered for the army were physically unfit for military service” this links the Boer war and social reform as the physically unfit soldiers drew the governments attention “to help the poor” which was social reform in itself, otherwise “Britain might be unable to defend her Empire adequately in the event of a major war.”. this statement, albeit made almost a century after the events actually happened – but would’ve most likely done research with hindsight added to it- does coincide with source 5, which was fresh information of the time, namely when the reforms were in action. Where source 6 showed during the war that ‘almost half of the army volunteers were physically unfit for military service’ source 5 links with the fear the government has for recruitment numbers is “the gradual deterioration of the physique of the working class from which the bulk of recruits must always be drawn.” If the working class, the poorest part of society – yet contributes the most military wise – didn’t get improvements in general living, however “their poverty includes defective housing, overcrowding and insanitary conditions.” All of which were easily solvable if it weren’t for the fact that the workers livelihood required them to be near the factories. Although the background for source 5 is itself evidence, the fact that the government had set up a committee to act to solve these problems, as the source does have a
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