Do we owe our native country

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Do We Owe Our Native Country In the novel Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom the Crafts painted a startling picture of the atrocities that Americans have committed on blacks and how much trouble slaves are willing to endure for freedom. However, I feel that the Crafts included a bit of bias against America for no reason other than to appeal to the English people and sell more books. Although the Crafts did add some anti American propaganda to their novel, they did not hate their home country and in some ways felt that they owed it. One could argue that the Crafts felt a certain loyalty to their home country, or even that they owed it, despite all the wrong it had done to them. Now this question still remains, do we owe anything to our native country? It is hard to deny that the Crafts, like almost all other authors, wrote their novel primarily with their audience in mind. They were well aware of the fact that the majority of their audience would be British abolitionists. Several times in the book they referred to Americans as a whole as savages, pointing out the hypocrisy of their Constitution and Declaration of Independence to their actions. Statements condemning Americans were very much appealing to the British who were still bitter over their loss in the American Revolution. They saw the Americans as savages and enjoyed the confirmation of this opinion that the Crafts gave them. The real question is how much of the propaganda did the Crafts actually believe. There is no denying the hypocrisy of “all men are created equal” and the concept of slavery, the two should be mutually exclusive. Evidence that the Crafts did not truly believe everything that they said about America is found in their statement in the last paragraph of the book stating that Americans as a whole are “notoriously mean and cruel to all colored persons, whether they are bond or free.”(69)
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