Do The Right Thing

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“Do the Right Thing” Analysis Spike Lee’s 1989 film Do The Right Thing is a timeless piece of art that brings up significant social issues in a unique manner. The film elicits a wide spectrum of emotional responses from the viewer due to the presence of comedy and drama. During character introductions, feelings of kindness and unity are reflected upon the viewer due to the close relationships that are portrayed in the opening scenes. Spike Lee’s, at times unrealistic cinematography gives the film a relaxing and comedic grain. However, a first time viewer does not expect and truly appreciate the important messages that are delivered throughout the film. The director’s presentations of inter and intra racial conflicts during the plot of the film are presented with varying degrees of comedy and drama. The first conflict in the film arises in Sal’s pizzeria due to the lack of black people on the wall of fame. This scene brings out feelings of absurdity and amusement from the viewer. However, as the film continues the altercations in the plot become progressively more dramatic and bring out the realization of the truth that dominates society. During the final conflict when Radio Rakhim is killed by NYPD and Sal’s pizzeria is destroyed, the unrealistic cinematography that was prevalent throughout the film disappears and the harsh reality of racial conflict settles into the viewer’s emotions. This brings out feelings of disgust and sadness because the final confrontation arises over a radio and a picture on the wall. The causes of racial based disputes throughout the film are caused by trivial issues like scuffed shoes, music and pictures on the wall. Spike Lee presents the roots of the various conflicts as minor and insignificant in order to parallel the issue of racism, which is fueled by culture, background and skin colour. The fight against racism is

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