How do Spanish people cope with multicultural diversity? seen by the eyes of guiri.

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When I heard a word “guiri” for the first time I could not believe that someone made a word of pejorative meaning to call foreigners in general. I could not understand why and actually it is one of the things, I wish I never be able to understand. By using stereotypes to judge nationalities it is to make a mistake of believing that extreme generalization might be true. But what is the reason to make even bigger generalization – claim that everyone who is not Spanish is bad? I started to think : Am I only guiri for all the people I meet? Or am I a normal person? Are Spanish people really so xenophobic? Finding an answer was not easy. I did not want to harm anyone by making another generalization. Scene 1 Once I was going home by taxi the driver told me that my neighbourhood was not very nice because many gypsies live here. I replied that I did not realize that before, but it is still a quiet and calm district so the nationality is not important for me because I am foreigner too, but he tried to convince me that it is not good place to live. Scene 2 I was a viewer of such scene: two small girls went into the Chinese shop and started to laugh at almost every product which was inside and abuse the owner, she was nervous, but she could not do nothing because they were “just children”. Scene 3 At one of my friend’s classes at the university there was a discussion about tolerance and the group and even professor made racist statements. Scene 4 Few weeks ago I was throwing a party at my apartment and some friends of mine came with some Spanish friends. The plan was to go all together to a club later. When I wanted to close the party, one of the Spanish guys told me that he didn’t want to go out, because it was too early to go to the club and it was “guiri time” and they were Spanish so they could not mix with ‘guiris. Scene 5 When I started to

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