Do Social Workers Do Enough to Protect Vulnerable People?

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Content 1. Introduction 2. The role of social workers 3. Primary research 4. Secondary research 5. Do social workers do enough to protect vulnerable people? 6. Bibliography Introduction For my extended project I have decided to explore whether or not social workers do enough to protect vulnerable people in our society. I chose this topic as I am considering becoming a social worker and feel this contemporary issue will have relevance when I read for my BA Honours Social Work degree at university. I want to include how the media portrays social workers and if that can have a negative influence on public opinion, I will also include examples and personal opinions from questionnaires that are positive and negative in regards to Social workers and Social work. Finally, I want to include previous case studies and evaluate how social workers approached the situations and what action was taken as a preventative measure for the future. I made a list of tasks that would need to be carried out in order for me to complete an unbiased report. One of the several tasks was to create a questionnaire for those that have come in to contact with social workers, whether they were a user of the service or work alongside them. This would allow me to ask the questions that would answer the overall topic question. Another task would be to research case studies which would express the seriousness of social workers work and to evaluate the media’s coverage on the three case studies. During my extended project I hope to achieve three aims, these are; 1. To collect the opinions of individuals who have had first-hand experience of social workers. 2. To write an unbiased report on whether social workers do enough to protect vulnerable people. 3. To develop my research, writing and communication skills.
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