How do the poets in Mid-Term Break and On My First Sonne present the feeling of grief?

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Both poems present grief and the harsh reality of losing a loved one but in different ways. In “Mid-Term Break,” we see Heaney talking about the awkward ways in which people reacted to grief before mentioning at the end his honest feelings towards the death of his brother whereas Jonson in “On my first Sonne,” openly expresses his pain of losing his son. “On my first Sonne,” is a very emotional poem in which Jonson is saying goodbye to his dead son. The language in the poem is very telling and reveals Jonson’s grief. In the first three lines, Jonson is trying to come to terms with the loss of his son. However, in the next four lines, Jonson seems to question his own grief, “will man lament the state he should envie?” Here, Jonson is asking why we should lament death when his son has, “scap’d worlds, and fleshes rage.” He also starts to try to ease his pain by trying to console himself. This shows the reader that his grief is too powerful for him to cope with and he looks for consolation in order to ease this pain. We see, later on in the poem, that Jonson is trying to convince himself that his son has gone to a better place. Jonson again tries to stop the feeling of grief by saying that his son was lucky to have missed, “no other miserie, yet age?” This suggests that Jonson is glad that his son has escaped old age. The theme of “On my first Sonne,” is very simple, a father’s grief at the death of his young son. This feeling is similar in “Mid-Term Break,” as it is of grief at a young person’s death. At the start of his poem, Heaney explores how a variety of different people dealt with this grief and then goes onto subtly hint at what he felt, whereas Jonson just talks solely about his personal experiences and feelings towards his dead son. “Mid-Term Break,” is overall more subtle in telling the reader about the poets grief. At the beginning of “Mid-Term

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