Do People Become Wiser As They Get Older Or...

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Do people become wiser as they get older, or do they simply become obsolete? In physical term, being wiser indicates the higher intelligence of a person compare to others, which the wiser person gives prompt reaction in give and take in daily life and activities, while obsolete simply tell us they cannot perform their skills comprehensively and they lost their ability to support themselves for living. In general, as the decline of physical functioning when getting old, it is so easy that they will lose their capabilities. I would like to answer my question by taking it as a probability of both cases. A. Become Wiser By doing, we learn. Therefore, the longer we stay in this world, more or less we are more skillful and experienced by time since the famous proverb, practice makes perfect. Hence, we can say he or she do become wiser. Their virtue and how they face their life then become more sacred and respectful since it can only be developed with fruitful experiences and incidents. Their stories of life give the later generations to reflect and to learn from them. The ability that they can share and teach, their acceptance of the society and the position which granted and acknowledged by descendants make and classify them as the wiser group of people. B. Become Obsolete They have live long enough but they do not necessary become wiser. Some of the people may be obsoleted when getting older. It may because they are not open-minded to the present community, and they are left behind by the advanced technology and trendy perceptions in society. Also, their acceptances to adapt changes are low, which they might carry chances to become the society or family burdens if they get old. And yet, in some place of the world, it is unpleasant to be called old, as being identified as they may feel their suffering that they may die in a very short period of time. The
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