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Welcome to AP Art History, There will be several mandatory summer assignments due in the first week of school next year. 1. Read the “Introduction” section printed for you from our textbook. Complete responses on page XLI. 2. Read “Chapter 1: Prehistoric Art” also printed from our textbook. Compete the responses on page 25. 3. Purchase What are you looking at?, by Will Gompertz ( has it used for $2.89) 4. Create an Art History A, B, C book. This should be a fun, yet informative compilation of artists, movements, media, techniques and terms that will help uncover some of the concepts covered next year in APAH. -Your book may be created digitally (Prezi, google slides, PowerPoint, etc) or hand made. I would suggest saving your digital books onto google drive or a flash-drive since it will need to be viewed on my PC. Handmade books must be bound together in some way. - Each page should have a visual on it and at least 10 slides should include your own artwork. These may be photos, collage, drawings, paintings, etc. Don’t panic if you don’t consider yourself an “artist” and keep it simple if need be. - Each page should also include text identifying/defining the word/concept/artwork/artist presented. This can be 1-2 sentences. - Part of your grade for this will include a presentation of your book in the first week of school. You will become accustomed to speaking in front of the class as we do presentations throughout the year. - Your 26 slides will range from A-Z and must include the following topics in some way: 1. Artist 2. medium/media 3. technique 4. architecture 5. photography 6. painting/drawing 7. Sculpture 8. modern art 9. Ancient Greek, Roman and/or Egyptian 10. Prehistoric art 11. Renaissance art/technique 12. female artist/female representation in art 13. Art from Asia

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