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they are making me write a paper Compare and contrast Egypt and Mesopotamia politically, socially, and religiously. Egypt and Mesopotamia developed differently politically, socially, and religiously because of their geography and climate. Mesopotamian geography and climate was such that the people were at the mercy of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and open to invasion. Social structure developed according to the need of the people to construct and maintain effective irrigation systems. Being at the mercy of theirs rivers, the Mesopotamian people developed a religion in which the people were at the mercy of harsh gods, a religion that is very pessimistic in outlook. Constant migration of differing people into Mesopotamia led to political instability. This contrasts sharply with the situation in ancient Egypt. Egypt’s natural isolation and material self-sufficiency fostered a unique culture that for long periods had relatively little to do with other civilizations and they were free from invasion. Unlike the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians needed no dams or weirs to raise the level of the water and divert water into the channels. Moreover the Nile, unlike the Tigris-Euphrates, flooded at the best time for grain agriculture. The dependable climatic rhythm of life in ancient Egypt led to a religion that contained benevolent gods and gave them centuries of continuity in politics, religion and society. Politically, because they were geographically open to envision, Mesopotamia culture created compact self-governing political units- the city-states. By the third millennium B.C.E. the concept of king (lugel) developed, quite possibly because of increased quarrels over resources. The power of religious leaders decreased as the power of kings increased. And although the kings took over control of temples, Mesopotamian kings did not claim divine power. Political changes

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