An Overview: 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night'

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“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night", by Dylan Thomas is published after the death of his father in 1951 and written in form of villanelle poetry consisting of six stanzas with a simple rhyming scheme with complex meaning behind each words. The poem is a plea from a dying man's son to fight against unavoidable death. In the first stanza Thomas says what he expects people who are close to death should do. He urges them to live life to its full extent even if they know that it is at an end. The next four stanzas describes to those people who do not give in to death without a fight. It starts with wise men, even though they know that death would conquer everything in the end, they still don’t give in easily as they know that words that they have said have not made any difference to the world. They need to show people the reality and truth of their words. This desire to be known, listened to, and understood means that they are likely to fight death, possibly because they feel and think that there is more to be done and things to be proven to other people that did not believe in you. Next comes the good men, who stayed dedicated and righteous throughout their lifetime to realize on the nearing of death, which their good deeds are worthless and could’ve been so much more, so they fight against death with a will to live on. Grave men, adventurous men who did not know how short life is, and spent it all on wild adventures, realize that soon life would come to an end, and so they fight to live on. Even old men who are on the on the edge of cliff of their lives, view the world with a shines in their eyes, anxious to see as much as they can before giving in to the darkness and death. The last stanza takes on deeply personal tone as Dylan directly mentioned his father. This is a separate stanza which shows that he

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