Do Not Go Gentle Essay

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Don’t go gentle The authors theme of this poem is about death and aging. He tells us readers to live a strong life and fight against death rather then accepting it. He doesn’t want people giving up on life even if they are told that there is no hope. The whole poem speaks of fighting and raging against dying. Everyone knows that death will come to them in some way, whether that is today or tomorrow but the author wants us to not welcome it. Another theme in this poem is aging. Thomas Dylan doesn’t think it’s honorable for an old man to face death, he doesn’t want them to feel hopeless due to their aging. As people get older, there’s always life struggles that we will face. Whether it’s mentally, physically or emotionally. He wants them to embrace life no matter how hard it gets and whenever death is near, to fight against it. Thomas Dylan uses different types of people to prove that his thoughts apply to all men. The wise men whose intelligent is not going to save him from dying, the good men whose good deeds won’t save him, the wild who learns too late and the grave men who sees with his blind sights. All these men lived a different life but in the end, they all reach the same conclusion which is struggling against death. The words that the author uses to illustrate these themes are “rage rage against the dying of light and old age should burn and have rage at the close of the day”. His choice of words support his attitude towards this theme because in these lines, he’s telling his readers to rage against dying which means to fight against death. The author also uses other lines to illustrates death. “Do not go gentle into that good night” which to me means don’t give up easily when your time comes. As we grow old, life becomes a struggle for some people. Even though struggling is hard, the author believes that life is worth fighting for. I don’t really
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