Do Not Be Afraid to Be Black Essay

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Do Not Be Afraid To Be Black Sylvia Caggiano ENG 125: Journey Into Literature Peter Kunze [ January 28, 2013 ] Do not be afraid to be black It was hard enough to be black a few decades ago. Being black and being a woman was even harder. Harder still, being black, female, and young was the hardest for some. Racism and sexism are issues many of us face, are not proud of, and want to see done away with. Black women have learned to overcome racism and sexism issues. How would a female child react to this pressure? Years ago, it took a strong woman to overlook the ignorance of those who advocated racism. Racism touches us all, whether young or old, male or female. You can treat me with racism or I can bring it on myself. The Welcome Table by Alice Walker and What It's Like to be a Black Girl by Patricia Smith are two literary works dealing with black females and their reaction to inappropriate racial oppression from outsiders and from racial hatred within their own psyche. These works present two outlooks on racial and sexual bias. This paper will discuss the different yet similar racially biased situations of a very young black girl and an older black woman. I will explain the different types of racial predicaments this poem and short story exhibits, and the effect prejudice and stereotyping had on women (and little girls) of color. I will talk about the characters, the plot, and the common theme, racism. This should aid in understanding the emotions both these females experienced. Opening up their emotions and inner turmoil might help someone to change, whether he or she faces this same type of oppression or if he or she is the one liberally distributing this type of negativity toward others. The Welcome Table’s main character is an old, nearly blind, black woman. She is lean with blue-brown eyes and her elbows are wrinkled, and thick, her

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