Do Managers Need Emotional Intelligence to Manage Successfully in the Workplace? Why or Why Not? Essay

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Do managers need emotional intelligence to manage successfully in the workplace? Why or why not? The issue of whether it is necessary for leaders to have emotional intelligence which would result an efficient management in workplace, has been widely debated in recent years. In order to clarify this relationship, emotional intelligence needs to be defined. The most generally accepted concept of emotional intelligence is contested by Salovey and Mayer (1990), which is regarded as the capacity to monitor self-awareness and use the information to an advanced performance (cited in Zeidner, Matthews and Roberts, 2004, p. 373). This essay will focus on three arguments for having emotional intelligence that could lead a successful management. Firstly, emotional intelligence has been claimed as an important connection with effective leadership. The second argument suggests that emotional intelligence could promote managers to build a strong communication skill. Finally, emotional intelligent managers would make in-depth decisions with a keen awareness of sentiments in each employee. First of all, a growing body of the relationship between leadership effectiveness and emotional intelligence has been argued widely. To identify the importance of emotional intelligence in successful management, it is fundamental to define the nature of leadership. Locke (2005) argued that good leadership is not only regarded as the ability to improve followers’ job satisfaction, but also refers to build a conscious to employees about the goal needs to be reached and an explicit thought of current process. In essence, these two requirements are involved in emotion management. An emotional intelligent manager could observe the connection between work performance and personal feelings. Furthermore, Ashkanasy and Daus (2002) believed that it is required for leaders to inspire and motivate

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