Do Males and Females Have Different Ability When Estimate Sizes? Essay

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Do males and females have different ability when estimate sizes? Abstract Does different gender have different ability? Many scientists study it for a long time. There was an experience that been done is to check if males and females have different ability when estimating sizes. Two objects in same distance, a water bottle and a pen, were estimate by 10 males and 10 females. The result is much different with the hypothesis is that males made are greater than females made when they estimate longer object, and females are better than males when the object is shorter. In fact, some people’s result may be affected by others. During the experience, there is a strength problem, some subjects’ result have a great difference with real data, such as, when one female estimated the length of the water bottle, she got 38 cm, a really large number, but the bottle is only 24.5 cm. 1. 0 Introduction There are many scientists who study gander differences. So scientists did a lot of experiences to test that. The purpose of this report is whether there are differences between males and female to estimate sizes. A report in Psychology Press named Consequences of severe visual-spatial deficits for reading acquisition: Evidence from Williams syndrome suggested that the difference might also be caused by DNA (Taylor & Francis group, 2012). The experiment is about a difference that might be caused by DNA which is estimating size. Also, from an article, DNA is a really important thing for us, it caused different gender. In fact there are some jobs needed to estimate the size, so it is important to know which gender has better performance. In this report, the hypothesis is males often better than females in estimating sizes whatever long or short thing they estimate. 2. 0 Methods and Materials Ten males and ten females from grand 11 were tested in this experiment. They were

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