Do I Owe My Parents Anything

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From birth until death, no matter what, they’re always there. When no one else seems to be present in your life and there’s that feeling of uncertainty, one should always know that they have at least two people to fall back on. So, when asked the question if I owe my parents anything, my reply is a definite yes. The average cost of a newborn until the age of 18 is $300,000, not including child care. Not only have my parents provided me with complete economic support, but they have exceeded the standards of society’s “norm”. From an early age, I have been very active in sports varying from gymnastics to lacrosse; not only does that cost money, but it also prohibits my parents from performing the daily activities that they would enjoy doing if they did not have to haul me around from location to location. Adolescents today want their caregiver to do as they command and feel as if it should be done immediately. It’s almost as if it’s expected for parents to be so lenient. Throughout my teenage years I have learned to form my own opinions and become a very independent person. I also feel as though I am a very strong and confident individual. Ever since I can recall, I’ve always heard my mother say, “Abby, don’t you ever let someone bring you down or make you change. Be yourself, do your own thing and you’ll be fine.” Not only has this influenced me in my activities that I participate in but it has helped me in my selection of the social group that I associate myself with. My parents make me want to be a good person; they have provided me with all of the tools necessary for success. Guaranteed, I will never in my lifetime be able to repay my parents for every nickel and dime that they ever granted me, but I feel, as cliché as it sounds, that a thank you every once in a while does what they do just a little

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